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Bear Cake Studios

Quirky & Colorful Creations

Macey Milstead is a nerd who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and thinks life would be boring without color. 

She creates unique art made mostly on hand-cut wood, but also canvas...And sometimes other surfaces. 


About Bear Cake Studios

Macey Milstead is a Maryland born, but Atlanta livin' artist. Her influence is the environment around her. Macey went to college for Gender and Sexuality Studies. People and their stories are truly inspiring. Her Feminist Agenda definitely shines through her art, but also her love for all things nerdy and colorful.


Where You Can Find Me

  • Bookish in EAV 

  • Homegrown restaurant in Reynoldstown 


Murals & Public Art

Macey has worked in many different facets. She has painted murals on private residences and was commissioned to paint for the City of Avondale in their Art Lot. 

She's also participated in local neighborhood projects called, "Look Up Decatur" & "Look Up L5P". For these public art projects, she painted three street signs. Two of which are currently hanging in Downtown Decatur and Little Five Points. 

Macey also enjoys being sponsored by businesses to paint live for them. One live painting was sponsored by Sam Flax to paint at a charity market called, Key Change in Atlanta. 

A custom design created for Kristen to g


Macey is also open to commissions and special requests. This could be anything from a custom, hand-painted piece made from scratch, a small personalized touch (like adding a quote or symbol to a piece) or recreating a past piece. 
Please reach out with any questions or ideas!



Always open to collaborations with other artists. It's so much fun mixing medias and styles of art.

Fun collaboration that me & _intelligent

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